Free Penis Enlargement Guide

This natural penis enlargement guide consists of three main techniques. The penis enlargement techniques, known as the Jelqing, Dry Milking, and PC or Kegels, are some of the most well known and well respected penis enlargement exercises known. These exercises are time tested and coupled with the workout guides (organised for beginners through to advanced users) gains of 1 or more inches(depending on the work you put in) can be expected.The basic function of the Jelqing techniques is to lengthen and thicken your penis. By performing this easy exercise on a regular basis (4-5 days a week) it is possible, for example, if you have a six-inch member (erect) you will add approximately two to four inches to the length of your penis.

The Jelq exercise works by forcibly pushing an increased amount of blood into the Corpora Cavernosa (spongy tissue of the penis). By repeating this exercise, the spaces in your penis will continually stretch larger.

With time the spaces in your penis will grow to allow more and more blood to fill the area, allowing the penis to thicken as a result. Similarly to a regular workout, the spaces will continue to get larger and stronger, healing at night while you sleep. This is what makes the Jelqing such a powerful exercise.

Important Notes to Remember

1. Perform a warm up before you begin the Jelq

2. The selected lubricant should be Vaseline, skin lotion, skin oil or petroleum jelly. In no circumstance should soap be used!!

3. The exercise should NOT be performed during a hard erection! If the exercise is performed in such a state vascular (vein) damage may occur.

4. A moderate grip should be applied. If a hard grip is used some bruising and or the rupturing of superficial blood vessels could result. If any such problems should result, you should wait approximately 24-48 hours (or until the problem has healed) before continuing with the Jelq.

5. Start out the exercise gradually, and slowly work up to an appropriate level. By doing this you will be able to minimize any slight bruising or red spots.

6. If you feel the urge to ejaculate while partaking in the Jelq, squeeze the head and hold to discourage it, or simply stop the exercise for a few moments and wait until you have restrained the urge.

7. Upon completion of each session perform another “hot wrap” with a wash cloth to arouse your penis and keep the increased blood held within it.

Standard Jelq 

Start by rubbing approximately one-half a teaspoon of Vaseline, skin lotion, skin oil or petroleum jelly in to both of your palms and penis. When performing this exercise your penis needs to be semi-erect, as a fully erect penis is of no use. If you find yourself becoming aroused simply stop the exercise until your full erection goes away.

With your thumb and forefinger on your right hand, form an “ok” symbol. Once you have formed this symbol, take your thumb and forefinger and squeeze your penis shaft as close to your scrotum as possible. While maintaining a tight grip, pull your hand downward towards the top of your penis, stopping just before you reach the glans (head). As you slide your hand downward, the head of your penis should noticeably expand.

As, or just before you release your penis from the grip of the right hand, place your left hand at the bottom of your shaft repeat this movement. This act should be continually preformed, switching from the right hand to the left in a “milking” manner. It is important that a tight grip is sustained around your penis with your thumb and forefinger as you perform this action, while the head of your penis expand as a result of the increased amount of blood flowing to the glans.

Throughout the initial week of performing this exercise, limit the amount you jelq each day to around 10 minutes. After this initial week, try to work up your sessions to around 20 minutes a day. Than after about 2 weeks, work yourself up to jelq sessions that last 30 minutes or so. After about a 3-4 week period results should start to become noticeable.

The Jelq & Hold 

Massage your penis to an erection and flex your PC muscle to make it as hard as you can. Once fully erect, pump your PC 20 times to fully expand your penis as much as possible. Squeeze your PC as hard as you can and hold until your erection becomes partial. As always is the case with the Jelq, start by rubbing approximately one-half a teaspoon of Vaseline, skin lotion, skin oil or petroleum jelly in to both of your palms and penis. Once you have formed an “ok” symbol with your thumb and forefinger, continue this performing approximately 20 repetitions of the standard Jelq, before preparing yourself for the Jelq and hold.

Once ready, tighten you grip on your penis and pull downwards (towards the head of your penis) a little harder than usual If you are doing it firmly enough your hand should stop automatically when it reaches the head of your penis. Upon this happening, hold your position at the head of your penis for approximately 15 seconds, whilst slowly milking upwards with your opposite hand head of the penis hold this position for 15 seconds and then with the other hand milk again. Continue this procedure for as long as time or physical capabilities allow, (using your own judgment to decide when to stop) or else follow our detailed workout guides.

Upon completion of this workout you and your penis should quite fatigued, and your penis should have a pumped up look to it. To cool down from this exercise, whilst ensuring maximum gains, continue by pumping your PC muscle several times, whilst slowly massaging your penis to gain an erection. Once you have reached the point of near ejaculation, flex your PC muscle as hard as possible, in order to eliminate any chance of ejaculation. Once the urge to ejaculate has passed, repeat the procedure a further 4 times in order to maximize the results of the jelq exercise.


19 thoughts on “Free Penis Enlargement Guide

  1. A Bigger Dick

    There might be many methods for penis enlargement. There are lot of practices to increase the length of your penis, if you’re prepared to work for it. There are many exercises to be followed. At the same there are many penis enlargement pills in the market of various brands. There are also creams which are to be applied directly on penis for better results in length and girth of the penis.

  2. Adam Hollioke

    Especially since exercising your penis is a perfectly safer way to stimulate your male organ’s natural growth process. And just like working out the other parts of your body, doing penis enlarging exercise regularly will without doubt bring about a significant gain in your manhood size!


    Thank you very much for your guide to penis enlargement lesson.
    I have a very small penis and it worries me all days long,and i hope your programe will help me.

    Please may i know if you have pictures or images to demonstate how to do it because i find it difficult to understand some of the passage. may i also know if age is a factor.

    Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  4. jason

    I have just started with the exercise you prescribed now now and subcribe to every explanation outlined and hope I will notice the result at the time stipulated or rather estimated by you..


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