Penis Size – Women’s Real Confessions

images5When it comes to the matter of penis size, it’s quite surprising just how far some women take the idea that bigger is better. While many women will freely admit they prefer a larger penis, more women than you might think will actually refuse to have sex with a man they were going to, or break up with a partner, just because of what they deem to be penis size inadequacy.

Here is a quote from a lady named Marie, who is now married, but was recounting a previous dating experience on the research panel for this article:

“When we got back to his place everything was going well until I saw it. I am not normally that mean, but I couldn’t help laughing. There was no way I could go through with it after that, so I just left. He looked mortified.”

Marie is not alone. In a recent survey, 61% of sexually active women reported that they had walked out of an intimate situation simply because they were put off by a man having a small penis.

For some women, it is not just a ruined date. Here is another quote from the panel – this time a 25 year old named Emily who is currently in a relationship with a man she describes as “huge”.

“My ex, Dave, was really small. I hadn’t really realized how much that bothered me, or thought I was particularly into massive guys before that, but I gradually found myself resenting him, and if I’m honest, thinking of him as less of a man. I don’t think he ever knew that that was why I dumped him, but really, it was.”

Again, Emily’s story is not that unusual. 65% of women cited penis size as a “significant factor” in one or more previous break-ups. Perhaps more worryingly, 69% said they would genuinely consider cheating on a partner who had a small penis with a larger man if there was no chance of getting caught.

If you are worried about something like this happening to you, you’ll probably be pleased to know that it is actually surprisingly easy to increase penis size, at home, using a reasonably inexpensive tool called a penis extender, such as the devices by Male Edge or Jes Extender. A penis extender is basically a workout for the penis, which uses traction to make cells grow, expanding both the girth and length naturally and permanently.


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