How To Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally?

Do you want to know how to make your penis bigger naturally? Natural methods have been used by ancient Sudanese-Arabs to get bigger penises (over 10+ inches in length and 7+ inches in girth). There are also natural herbs from China that have been used in penis enlargement pills that increase blood flow to the penis. There have also been ancient and cruder methods of ‘plastic surgery’ in different regions.

I will mainly discuss how to make your penis bigger naturally, although there are other methods you can use like the 3Ps: Pumps, Pills, Phalloplasty (plastic surgery), you should have a good understanding of natural exercises and how you can use them to make your penis bigger!

2 keys to making the penis bigger:

1. Gently forcing more blood into the penis than it can normally accommodate. It responds fast by getting bigger to accommodate the increase!

2. Gently stretching the penis length so that over time it will accommodate and you get a permanently longer penis!

2 Exercises to make your penis bigger naturally:

The Penis Jelq This is a ‘milking’ motion like you would a milk a cow (if you have milked a cow before, if not you have an idea what it would be like:). Your penis should be about about 70% hard and apply adequate baby oil or lotion to it. Grip the base of your penis firmly with the American “OK” grip and stroke upwards moving blood up along the shaft towards the head. When you get to the head of your penis, switch hands and do the same motion. Try to Jelq for 10 minutes your first time with each stroke lasting 5 seconds.

The Penis Stretcher – This is a pulling motion with your flaccid penis. Grip the head of your penis, pulling it directly in front of you just enough so that you feel a nice stretch and no pain, hold it there for 20 seconds and release resting for 5 seconds. Stretch for 10 minutes your first time!

Now you know what to use, there are some methods that you want to avoid as a beginner or risk serious injury. Various contraptions like Pumps, Hangers and Weights should be avoided and Plastic surgery is so dangerous that people have died on the operating table-please before thinking of surgery make sure you understand that you pay $5,000 to over $20,000 and also sign a waiver so you cannot sue the surgeon or the hospital if something goes wrong.

The bottom line to making your penis bigger naturally is consistency.


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